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Who’s Who in Columbus — A Look at the Local Sports Teams

Sports teams can have a large influence on local culture and entertainment, and it’s no exception for Columbus, Ohio. Guests dining at Parlay Sporting Club + Kitchen can enjoy their meals while watching their favorite Columbus-based teams, including the Blue Jackets, Crew, and Clippers. If you’re new to the area or want to brush up on your knowledge of local teams before your next outing, here’s an overview of the teams Columbus roots for!

Columbus Blue Jackets

First up are the Columbus Blue Jackets, the local ice hockey team competing in the NHL. As a team in the Eastern Conference, the Jackets compete on the hockey rink against other teams from the eastern half of America, including the Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, and others. The Columbus Blue Jackets draw inspiration from the state’s local history by referencing Ohio’s involvement in the Civil War. Not only were many of the blue jackets worn by the Union manufactured in Columbus, but a large portion of the population fought in the war as well — more than any other state, in fact. So, when you’re watching a Columbus Blue Jackets game from our lounge, you’ll be watching a team that honors the state’s history.

Columbus Crew

If you’re a soccer fanatic, then you’re probably familiar with the Columbus Crew. They’ve been representing Columbus since the team was first formed back in the 90s and were even among the ten founding members of the new top-flight North American professional soccer league. Like the Blue Jackets, the Columbus Crew also harken back to the state’s history — this time, referencing the city’s manufacturing roots. The Crew has won a variety of accolades and trophies throughout the years, including the MLS Cup and Supporter’s Shield, and even qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League. To watch The Black & Gold’s next big win, come down to Parlay Sporting Club + Kitchen for quality viewing and fantastic food.

Columbus Clippers

The Columbus Clippers have been winning Minor League Baseball games for Ohio since they were founded back in 1977. Their name comes from the clipper, a merchant sailing vessel known for its speed, and are currently a Triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Guardians. However, they’ve been affiliated with several other teams throughout the years, including the Pittsburgh Pirates and even the New York Yankees. Throughout their history, the Clippers have won numerous championships and are a formidable team on the field.

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