Patrons at Parlay Sporting Club + Kitchen in Columbus, OH, having a good time

How to Choose a Fun Venue for Your Next Party or Event

Your party/event can make or break your day, and you want to make sure you choose a venue that offers the flexibility and convenience for all your needs. We know how difficult it can be to throw an event, and a venue that makes guests feel comfortable and brings out the best in everyone is a great option for you and your family members and friends. No matter where you’re looking for a fun venue for your next party or event, follow a few of these tips and tricks to ensure the success of your event. 

What Type of Event Is It?

Finding the perfect event venue starts with knowing exactly what type of event you want to throw. A baby shower will probably require a bit less alcohol than a big playoff game, so book a venue that matches the style of event you want to choose. 

One of the best ways to maximize the experience during your event is to choose an all-around venue with multiple options for different events. Parlay Sporting Club’s private rooms offer convenience for plenty of events and occasions, giving you the peace of mind to know that you’ll have every base covered.

Size of Your Guest List

How many guests do you have coming? Is it an open invitation event, or is it more specific and has a stable list of attendees? No matter what number of people are planning to attend, your event planning shouldn’t go much further if you don’t have your guest list. It’s easier throwing events with more specific numbers of guests, but we all know that sometimes it’s not easy to secure a timely invite. 

Having a venue with multiple size options is important, and fortunately for you, Parlay has space options ranging from groups of 6 to 300. Whether you’re just watching a game with your friends or throwing a party with everyone you know, your options are never limited. 

Location, Location, Location

You’re much more likely to have a great event if you find a venue that’s in a location that doesn’t inconvenience many of your attendees. A location near the airport or in a city area with nice nightlife activities is perfect, especially if you have a few out-of-towners attending. A city location works great as it also includes a ton of transportation options that make it easier for guests to attend. A venue like Parlay, which is located in the heart of Columbus’ Short North Arts District, is a prime example of a great location. It’s located in the heart of the city, with parks and river views and highway access that makes it easy to travel in and out of town in a heartbeat. 

Services and Amenities

The best party venues have great service and a ton of wonderful amenities for the comfort and convenience of your guest list. The perfect venue is inclusive and makes your guests feel like they want to have fun when they walk in the door. Venues like ours have a game room suite in addition to a boardroom setting area for more corporate events. We’re more than just a bar, as our venue includes an open floor plan area to hold a large number of guests and a host of tables and chairs to sit as comfortably as you please. 

Variety of Food Options

Food, oh glorious food. Great food and beverage options can fork over even the worst complaints and add the finishing touches to a venue that blows the mind of your guests. It’s not enough to have a large happy hour menu; you also want one with variety and adaptability for all pallets and taste buds. Parlay’s food and drink options are top-notch, and we offer a wide selection of shareables, entrees, and drinks for even the pickiest of eaters. A good venue will have interesting options to appeal to your hunger, no matter who you are. 

Find Out if Parlay Sporting Club + Kitchen Is Right for Your Event

A location with each and every one of these qualities is few and far between, but Parlay Sporting Club + Kitchen has got things figured out. We have everything you need for your next event, starting with a great location and including a large selection of food and services. Need to see it to believe it? Visit us or book a private room today to taste what we have to offer for your next event!